First Aid Instruction and Services prides its self on going the extra mile for its members, students and clients. We believe first aid education doesn't have to be a long boring day; instead we aim to give the students a greater understanding of why we do, what we do. 

We have been in the prehospital emergency care environment for more than 20 years and are a key member of our local community.
Our first aid educators are all health care professionals. This makes a difference to the students education. We are able to explain the background as to why things happen. Our training equipment is state of the art, making the students experience more enjoyable. 
Our First Aid trainers are volunteers too. We all work to assist the volunteer groups, so they can support the local communities in which they serve. FAIS assist the volunteer first aid groups by providing the medic insurance, medical oversight, formal qualifications, professional development and maintenance of legislative requirements.

FAIS also provides assistance and support to new communities wishing to start their own first aid volunteer charitable groups, to support their own communities, in their own home town. A large percentage of all sales from this site goes towards the volunteer groups.

If you would like to make a charitable donation, you can do so directly to any of the groups below.  All the groups are registered charities with ACNC and ATO, holding the following endorsements:
Tax Concession Charity
Deductible Gift Recipient
Public Benevolent Institution

You can help these groups by purchasing a product on this site or making a direct tax deductable donation to any of the groups below.
South Burnett First Aid Volunteers
Toowoomba First Aid Volunteers
Bayside First Aid Volunteers
Mary Valley First Aid Volunteers
Gympie Volunteer First Aid Services
Sunshine Coast First Aid Volunteers
North Queensland First Aid Volunteers